Do you offer returns?

All sales are final.

Can I see pictures of all the earrings?

We purposefully only share a sampling of what you will get as part of our two collections, Editor’s Picks and the Heirloom Collection. We want every month to be a surprise! With “Now or Never,” which is one pair of earrings and a hand-lettered card, you can see what you will get.

If I don’t like a pair of earrings, can I switch them out? 

No. While we hope you love all the earrings as much as we do, we don’t make exchanges unless an earring is broken.

What if a product arrives that is damaged?

Contact us as soon as you can, and we will send you a new pair. The best email is Customerservice@periwinkle.me.

When do you ship the earrings?

We ship all the collections at the end of the second week of the month. If we receive your order after that, we will simply start your four-month or twelve-month subscription the next month. We ship orders for “Now or Never” as we get them, usually within two days.

How do I apply an offer code?

Go to your Shopping Cart, click the plus (+) sign next to “Offer Codes” and enter your code in the box that appears. Once you click “Apply discount”, the offer will be applied to your order.

Offer codes are case sensitive. All offers are available for a limited time only, and are subject to availability. Offers can’t be combined unless otherwise noted. And if you have any problems using an offer code, get in touch with us at customerservice@periwinkle.me.

How do you ship and what are shipping and handling fees? We use priority mail. It costs $2.74 per package. For a four-month subscription, the shipping fees total $10.96 and for a 12-month subscription, the shipping fees total $32.88. 

If I have a good idea for quote for Periwinkle, can I share it with you?

Absolutely! We love words and quotes and are always interested in hearing your favorites. Email Caroline at caroline@periwinkle.me or Chloe at Chloe@periwinkle.me or better yet, share it on Instagram or Facebook!

Are earrings nickel-free/hypoallergenic?

We do our best to make sure all earrings are nickel-free. However, if you have sensitive skin, we recommend you purchase from the Heirloom Collection. All earrings in that collection are sterling silver. 

Are all offerings post earrings?

Yes. Because most of our audience is teens and tweens, we want to keep the earrings small. Most are smaller than 1 centimeter in diameter. Periwinkle girls are active - they play soccer, rock-climb, swim and run – and our earrings make sense in every situation.

How do you make the cards?

They are all done by hand. We use watercolors for the background, and different inks to hand-letter the quotes. Because they are all done by hand, each card is a little different and its own unique piece of art. Each design is a limited edition and pieces are signed in pencil.

Where do you get the earrings?

We work with a variety of design partners, from Michigan to Hawaii to Thailand. Many are small business owners who love the craft of making jewelry. We have enjoyed forming these global relationships and curating the very best collections for you.